Packet Loss Issue Due to Upstream Provider Issue: Seattle Data Center

Today, between approximately 14:26:48 GMT-5.0 and 14:37:48 GMT-5.0, the Seattle data center experienced higher than normal packet loss due to a upstream routing issue with one of our network providers, Telia. During this time, sites would have loaded slower than normal, or could have not loaded at all, services could have been sporadic, and so ... Read More »

14th Jul 2017
July 4th Holiday

This year, the 4th of July falls on a Tuesday.  Therefore, we will be running on a skeleton/holiday crew for the 4th.

For Support, this means that emergency tickets will be handled per normal, and all other tickets will be held over and answered on the 5th.

Happy Holidays to you all!

26th Jun 2017
CPRSLA1 Up: Transferring Accounts

The above-ntoed node is back up, but is showing signs of instability.  To protect customer accounts, we're moving all customers to a newly provisioned server.

You will be sent your new account details via a ticket.

5th Jun 2017
LA CPRSLA1 Down for Emergency FSCK

This morning, CRPRS1LA went down with a RAID issue, and we are currently running an emergency FSCK on the RAID volume to fix a number of errors on the RAID volume.All customer backups are safe, and if necessary, we will apply the backups once the box is up.Due to the size of the RAID volume, we don't expect the FSCK to complete for several ... Read More »

5th Jun 2017
Let's Encrypt SSLs Reminder

This is a reminder that it has been a year since our Announcements about the Let's Encrypt SSLs, and the program has been a huge success.  As of today, 98% of all SSLs on our network have moved from the "paid" model to the Let's Encrypt SSL model, and we have over 20,000 SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt live on the network with more than 50% ... Read More »

27th Feb 2017
Database Crash

Yesterday, our ticketing system suffered a crash and we lost some random ticket replies.  Although we backup our databse every 4 hours, we still have a gap of several hours where we lost some replies.If you notice some ticket replies missing, please do not become upset: simply let us know what your reply was (perhaps you have a copy in your Sent ... Read More »

14th Dec 2016
cPanel Web Visit Statistics

Due to security routines that we run, both AWStats and Webalizer are having problems keeping track of stats for websites.We are working with cPanel directly to address this issue, and hope to have a fix out by the beginning of the year.Until then, per cPanel's recommendation, we have disabled all web statistics.We recommend that customers use a ... Read More »

7th Dec 2016
Let's Encrypt Free SSLs

All servers now have the Let's Encrypt SSL plugin installed in them, which means that at any time you want, you may receive an SSL certificate FREE for your domain.  However, an SSL still requires a dedicated IP address, which you will still need to acquire from us.For mroe information about how this works, please see the Let's Encrypt ... Read More »

22nd Oct 2016
Seattle: Emergency Planned Network Maintenance

Start Time: 10/06/16 09:00AM UTC (10/06/16 02:00AM PDT) End Time: 10/06/16 01:00PM UTC (10/06/16 06:00AM PDT) Impact: Routing reconvergence, sub-optimal routing Location: Seattle IGW Datacenter Dear Valued Customers, We have just received a late notification from one of our transit providers that they will be conducting router software upgrade ... Read More »

5th Oct 2016

This is to inform all customers that on Friday 10/7/2016 thru Sunday 10/9/2016 between 21:00PM - 03:00AM PDT (local Seattle time), GravityServers will be performing preventative maintenance on the following UPS systems at our Tukwila facility: IGW1-UPS1A - 160kva IGW1-UPS1B - 160kva IGW1-UPS2A - 275kva IGW1-UPS2B - 275kva IGW1-UPS3A - ... Read More »

27th Sep 2016