Incorrect / Cancelled Invoices

Hello:   During a recent upgrade, a duplicate cron job was setup in our Billing system that issued a number of incorrect / old invoices on the 13th and 14th. These invoices were issued incorrectly, and have all been cancelled, and the issue fixed.   If you have any questions, please write ... Read More »

14th Nov 2020
Rolling Updates

Due to several important OS updates, there will be rolling updates throughout 9/1 on all cPanel servers.

These servers will reboot several times, and your service may go up and down over the day.

We thank you for your patience on this as we secure the environment.

Gravity Servers Support

25th Aug 2020
UPS Maintenance

Dear Valued Customer,We would like to inform you that Gravity Servers will be performing battery maintenance in our UPS located at IGW1 and IGW3 Tukwila Data Center.The maintenance will occur on Thursday 7/30/2020 at 10:00 AM PST (Seattle Local Time).The expected completion is 17:00 PM PST (Seattle Local Time).We will be performing maintenance ... Read More »

22nd Jul 2020
COVID-19 and GravityServers

Dear Customers,Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared on the 30th January, we have been carefully observing how the situation has developed across the globe.Today, depending on the guidelines issued by governing healthcare authorities, our company is managing local situations in all regions where we have teams. We are doing this to guarantee our ... Read More »

17th Mar 2020
Upstream Network Maintenance

Maintenance State Time: 2020-March-13 10:00 UTC (2020-March-13 02:00 AM PST)Maintenance End Time: 2020-March-13 15:00 UTC (2020-March-13 07:00 AM PST)Maintenance Window Length: 5 hoursMaintenance Expected Severity: LowMaintenance Impact: Potential increased latency and packet loss due to BGP route reconvergence During the specified maintenance ... Read More »

9th Mar 2020
Support Email Migration: 10/21-10/22

GravityServers is upgrading our mail cluster and will be changing our MX records at 10PM EST (GMT -4) on 10/21/19. DNS changes for MX records can take several hours to propagate properly and during this period some support ticket responses will land on the "old" server, and some will land on the "new". We estimate an 8 hour window for this ... Read More »

17th Oct 2019
Hurricane Dorian Preparations and Expectations

Our prayers and hopes go out to those affected by Dorian. Hurricane Dorian has left the Bahamas and all forecasts show it moving up the East coast, hugging it and bringing rain and flooding today through Friday. Both our Jacksonville facility, and somewhat less so, our NYC Metro racks are in the storm's path, as is our primary NOC and Support ... Read More »

5th Sept 2019
Support Tier and Ticket Support Clarification

For many years, it's been a Gravity Servers policy that we keep tickets open a nearly indefinite amount of time waiting on a reply from customers; many times, we'll place a ticket on Hold or put it in a "In Progress" state when we think we are waiting on an issue to be closed. Unfortunately, this has led to many, many tickets being left open, and ... Read More »

29th Apr 2019
New Data Center: The Vault

Gravity Servers LLC is proud to announce another milestone in our never-ending quest to provide our customers with a better and more secure data center experience. Whether you are a federal agency mandated to comply with an array of Federal IT compliance standards, or a financial services firm focused on security client financial data, or a ... Read More »

24th Mar 2019
Veteran's Day

Just a reminder that we will be on holiday hours on the 12th.

You can read our holiday hours at:

5th Nov 2018