For many years, it's been a Gravity Servers policy that we keep tickets open a nearly indefinite amount of time waiting on a reply from customers; many times, we'll place a ticket on Hold or put it in a "In Progress" state when we think we are waiting on an issue to be closed. Unfortunately, this has led to many, many tickets being left open, and unaddressed as Customers think they are done with a ticket, we think it's not done, and so on.

As of 1 May 2019, we will be adhering closer to our original Support TOS. Please find an explanation of our ticket levels and open/close policies below.

Support Tickets come in three Priorities: High, Medium, and Low. The Priority of the ticket determines how quickly the first reply to your ticket is:

  • High Priority Tickets are for environment-down, service-down, server-down, or other high priority ticket that has part of your environment with us non-functional. These tickets should be answered in <30 minutes, many times quicker with regular updates at 30-minute intervals while the service-down condition remains. GravityServers will make the decision when this event has ended with input from the customer. The system will not auto-close High Priority Tickets.
  • Medium Priority Tickets are the standard, what all tickets are opened at unless the Priority is changed by the customers. These are items that are more urgent than High, but no service is down. These tickets should be answered within 24 hours, and receive waiting updates no less than once per day, but many times much quicker. The system will auto-close Medium Priority Tickets that have been open a week or more with no activity.
  • Low Priority Tickets are tickets that have issues that need to be done, but can be done in a more relaxed time frame or are just informational. These tickets should be answered within 72 hours, and receive waiting updates no less than once per day, but many times much quicker. The system will auto-close Medium Priority Tickets that have been open a week or more with no activity.

There are also several tiers of support: White Glove, Fully Managed, Partially Managed, Light Management, and Unmanaged.  There are also HIPAA, HITRUST, GovCloud and FedRamp dedicated support teams we have available with Support Staff specifically trained in compliance that can tender every package from White Glove Support, to Unmanaged, or in a Consultation and Review Capacity. No Support Package except White Glove includes any type of assistance with third party applications, such as SQL Server.

  • White Glove: The ultimate management package. We provide a dedicated Support Team (minimum 1 tech per shift plus a supervisor) that takes care of your environment. This level of support includes system monitoring, proactive support according to your authorized playbooks, and more. This is a custom-level of Support and these contracts are normally drawn up specifically to fit the customer's needs.
  • Fully Managed: This management package sees GravityServers taking care of your Servers, your network and your OSes. We will help maintain your environment, running Windows Updates, helping with Backups, light consulting for HIPAA Compliance, and more. We monitor your system for outages, respond proactively to issues and more. A customer-approved Playbook for open issues MUST be on file with us for proactive support. We will also configure network appliances such as load balancers, switches, firewalls, help with some auditing such as Firewall Rules and more. Some Application Support is included with this, but should be listed specifically in your contract, and again, the customer-approved Playbook must be on file.
  • Light Management: Basic management and monitoring assistance with your environment. In this level of support, the Customer primarily manages the environment, while we help with OS level support such as Windows Updates, OS and network configuration and more. This is OS and Appliance level support ONLY.
  • Unmanaged: These accounts are simple hardware-lease arrangements. You lease hardware from us, we maintain that hardware, replacing any part of it (even the whole server) if needed without charge. We do not work on these systems or even login to these systems unless a separate Support agreement exists or the Support is purchased on a "ProServe" basis.

If you have any questions, please drop us a line at [email protected]

Monday, April 29, 2019

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