Our prayers and hopes go out to those affected by Dorian.

Hurricane Dorian has left the Bahamas and all forecasts show it moving up the East coast, hugging it and bringing rain and flooding today through Friday. Both our Jacksonville facility, and somewhat less so, our NYC Metro racks are in the storm's path, as is our primary NOC and Support Center.

All data centers have been prepped, tests on failover power have been completed, all generators were test fired, and all fuel tanks topped off if needed. We're expecting absolutely no outages of any type: business as usual
Our Seattle and WestVirginia locations will be unaffected.

We expect to see some possible delays in support, but we have prep time, have staffed appropriately for today/tomorrow, and all SLAs should be met. It may simply not be as quick as usual.
Our primary support facility is in Delaware and directly in the storm's path. Delaware, as a state, restricts all freeway traffic during hurricane intensity storms to emergency traffic only, thus access to the facility will be limited.
We've brought in food, water, generators, and have volunteers that will stay through the storm overtime if needed. All off-duty remote support techs have been called on duty.
Worst case scenario is the Delaware facility loses 'net connectivity; support would be busier, but SLAs should not suffer.

Thanks for Being a Customer!
As Always,
Donald Fountain
CEO, Gravity Servers LLC

Thursday, September 5, 2019

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