Maintenance State Time: 2020-March-13 10:00 UTC (2020-March-13 02:00 AM PST)
Maintenance End Time: 2020-March-13 15:00 UTC (2020-March-13 07:00 AM PST)
Maintenance Window Length: 5 hours
Maintenance Expected Severity: Low
Maintenance Impact: Potential increased latency and packet loss due to BGP route reconvergence

During the specified maintenance window above, one of our transit providers, Cogent - AS174, will be performing router/switch software upgrades to ensure increased stability and security. GravityServers network engineers will reroute traffic at the beginning of the specified maintenance window from the affected Cogent circuit to other transit provider circuits in order to minimize the impact of the Cogent upgrade. During the last hour after Cogent has completed their maintenance, network engineers will restore traffic to the affected circuit. During both of these routing changes, some customers may see increased latency or temporary packet loss as the route changes propagate through the internet.

Monday, March 9, 2020

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