COVID-19 and GravityServers

Dear Customers,Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared on the 30th January, we have been carefully observing how the situation has developed across the globe.Today, depending on the guidelines issued by governing healthcare authorities, our company is managing local situations in all regions where we have teams. We are doing this to guarantee our ... Read More »

17th Mar 2020
Upstream Network Maintenance

Maintenance State Time: 2020-March-13 10:00 UTC (2020-March-13 02:00 AM PST)Maintenance End Time: 2020-March-13 15:00 UTC (2020-March-13 07:00 AM PST)Maintenance Window Length: 5 hoursMaintenance Expected Severity: LowMaintenance Impact: Potential increased latency and packet loss due to BGP route reconvergence During the specified maintenance ... Read More »

9th Mar 2020